CEO Greeting

Message from Chairman and CEO

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your visit and warm welcome to our website

PPAP is an international port, located in the capital of Cambodia reachable by road, rail, and river. Its location is not only advantageous for inter-model transportation connection but also for logistic center where more than 50% of cargoes are consumed.

PPAP plays a significant role in social development by providing more than 400 directed jobs and thousands of in-directed jobs to Cambodian. Further more our port can help shipping company to save their freight up to 20%, with the low transport cost Cambodia trade also has chance to challenge in an international market as well.

We have been investing in our employees, IT system and other port facilities to absorb more cargoes to our port. Likewise, we will completely modernize our handling facilities to meet incessantly increasing customer demand, which is our core business plan in 2008-2009. As the result for this last five years we can keep our port annually increased by 20%.

We operate our port in an environmentally and safety conscious manner by consistently providing training courses on safety and environmental protection to truck drivers and port operators, and installing buoys and leading marks at main channel to ensure smooth navigation 24/7 for all vessels.

Our impressive business success has been due partly to port strategic location and management. However, these two factors can not ensure our sustainable development without financial and technical assistance from MRC, BTC and other partners and more importantly from our valued customer who have been confidently using our service.

I virtually hope for your continuous support to enable us to further improve our service to meet your future demand and keep to our port role play actively in national economic development.