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Bounded Warehouse Service

› Warehouse 2ha
› Open Area 7ha
› Commence operation
  from 1st January 2015
› Bounded warehouse is located in Kandal Leu
  Village, Banteay Dek Commune, Kien Svay District,
  Kandal Province. 

Warehousing Service

We offer you warehousing services to all the customers for Consolidations and de-consolidation of goods. At the Exiting Container Terminal (TS3), PPAP is cooperating with Pan Continental Freight to operate two modern warehouses. While at the New Container Terminal (LM7).  Read more...

Cargo Handling Service

Cargo Handling, experienced operators, ensure safe work during cargoes handling operation. Management teams now on their effort to upgrade their productivity with new crane with either private participation or by its own budget.

Handling Facilities: Operations at the quay, for the time being, are performing by two floating cranes and supported by two mobile cranes 70T and 100T capacity. The intention is to have a kind of fixed crane soon in the future so that handling productivity will be higher. For Quay-CY transfer, we use trucks and forklifts. Sky stacker, Reach stacker, cont-stacker and other facilities have been being used for container movement in CY. Read more...

Pilotiage & Berthing Service

Service to vessel, PPAP employed a sufficient number of pilot with full experience to ensure that vessel visiting us with full of safety and reliability. For safety aspect, MRC and BTC support on installing traffic light, buoys and leading mark from Vietnam border up to PPAP aiming that all vessels can enjoy navigation 24/7. Read more...

Stroage Service

Storage and warehousing, professional people with a proper space to provide possibility for cargoes owner enjoy keeping their cargoes with free or low of charge. To add more value to port service 2 modern warehouses are under construction just 4 km from the port terminal. Read more...

Dredging And Survey Service

Dredging Services with two high capacity of dredging machines, the port can provide land fill up service to customers who require dredging operation. We use high power dredgers to maintain deep channel from Cambodia-Vietnam border all the way up to port zone, to ensure smooth navigation of vessels up to 4000GRT. In addition, we also provide land clamming service upon request. Read more...

Trucking Service

Due to the yearly increasing of PPAP’s containers throughput and the high cost of transportation of the private sectors, PPAP will provide the additional service of trucking from NCT to Phnom Penh and from Phnom Penh to NCT in the near future. The main purpose of the new service will be helpful for the customers who are using the service of PPAP in order to reduce the cost of transportation and to provide the effectiveness of transportation as we are aware that our service will be provided in 24 hours per day to our customers. Read more...

Speed Boat

Phnom Penh Autonomous Port wishes to announce that our speed boat service (Phnom Penh - Siem Reap and Siem Reap - Phnom Penh) will start operating from 10th August, 2010 on. For more information please contact:

  • 855 11 898 899
  • 855 12 789 531
  • 855 12 784 568
  • 855 12 754 033
  • 855 12 918 768

Weather Forcast

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