Cargo Handling Service

Cargo Handling, experienced operators ensure safe work during cargoes handling operation. Management teams now on their effort to upgrade their productivity with new crane with either private participation or by its own budget.

Handling Facilities: Operations at the quay, for the time being, are performing by two floating cranes and support by two mobile cranes 70T and 100T capacity. The intention is to have a kind of fixed crane soon in the future so that handling productivity will be higher. For Quay-CY transfer, we use trucks and forklifts. Sky stacker, Reach stacker, cont-stacker and other facilities have been being used for container movement in CY. We also have 23 trucks for receiving and delivering both 20’and 40’container. Beside these, we have many facilities to perform the operation smoothly. For safety to the ship, we have two tug assistance with full capacity to direct the ship to the dock. We also have one mobile container scanner to secure there are no smuggling goods (undeclared goods) through the port.