Gate Fee

Phnom Penh Autonornous Port "PPAP" would like to inform all valued customers that PPAP will implement the new Gate Fee structure from the 1st of February 2015 onwards as following:

Truck Type

Gate Fee

I. Container Truck Carrying

1. 20'Container(empty or laden)
2. 40'45'Container(empty or laden)


II. General Cargo Truck

1. I Ton-6Tons
2. > 6Tons


» The gate fee is charged once upon entry (if the truck is carrying container or cargo) and once more upon exit (if the truck is carrying container or cargo). In contrast, if the truck is not carrying container or cargo then gate fee will not be charged ( eg: If a truck is entering the port carrying a20' container for export and is not carrying any container when exiting the port then the truck is only charged $ 5 once for entry).

» A truck carrying two 20' containers is charged $10 (2 of 20'containers x $5).

» The tariff above is inclusive of VAT 10%.z.

» Gate fee is exempted for trucks carrying paddy or rice for export, whereby, all relevant documents must be shown at the gate upon entry.

» Note: Container trucks and general cargo trucks are not allowed to park idle inside the port area longer than 6 hours.