Education (Cambodia Maritime Institute (CMI))

Cambodia Maritime Institute (CMI) has been Established through Sub-degree No. 218 ANKrBK dated on 24 December 2008. CMI has cooperated with Korean Institute of Maritime Fishery and Technology (KIMFI) on the Maritime Human Resourse Development. CMI also has five faculties.

- Maritime Navigation Faculty
- Inland Navigation Science Faculty
- Transport Management Faculty
- Port Management and Operation Faculty
- Ship Engineering and Construction Faculty

Short-course Training such as:
- Basic Safety Training for Rating
- Stevedoring Course
- Maritime English
- Navigation Training for Pilots on the Mekong River System
  in Cambodia.


Under the financial and technical assistance from Belgium via Antwerp Maritime academic the Cambodia maritime institute has been established in 2006 aiming to provide navigation and nautical knowledge to Cambodian student. Our port and Sihanouk ville port are the main responsibility to ensure this institute success in knowledge transferring mission. This joint management institute will provide both short and long course that mainly focus on the upgrading port service quality. Visit our institute: